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The motorized roller is a small, cylindrical device that is mounted on the door of a clothes dryer. It is used to rotate the drum of the dryer so that the clothes can be dried evenly. The motorized roller is connected to the door of the dryer by a plastic or metal rod. When the door is opened, the roller falls out and onto the floor.

  • What is the structure of the motorized roller?

  • What are the classifications of motorized rollers?

  • What is the working principle of motorized roller?


What is the structure of the motorized roller?

A motorized roller is a cylindrical barrel with a shaft at each end. A motor and a reducer are installed in the cylinder of the electric drum. The stator of the motor, the casing of the reducer, and the fixed shaft of the electric drum are fixedly connected by bolts. The motor shaft drives the reducer, and the reducer drives the outer cylinder of the motorized roller to rotate.

What are the classifications of motorized rollers?

Air-cooled motorized roller

The characteristic of this motorized roller is that the motor does not need oil cooling, but relies on conduction, radiation and wind convection, and can be divided into forced air cooling and natural air cooling.

Oil-cooled motorized roller

This kind of motorized roller is also called indirect oil-cooled electric roller. There is a certain amount of cooling oil in the electric drum. As the drum rotates continuously, the oil scraper on the drum continuously pours the oil onto the motor and gears, taking away the heat generated when the motor and gears work, and dissipating the heat. It is transmitted to the wall of the drum body, accelerates the heat dissipation of the motor, and lubricates the gears. The key to the oil-cooled electric drum is that oil is not allowed inside the motor.

Oil-immersed motorized roller

Oil-immersed motorized roller is also called direct oil-cooled electric roller. This type of electric roller allows oil to enter the motor, directly contact with the motor rotor and stator winding, and transfer the heat generated during their work by the continuous rotation of the roller body. to the inner wall of the drum. This structure has a better heat dissipation effect, but it also has relatively high requirements on the quality of the lubricating oil and the motor.

What is the working principle of motorized roller?

According to the needs of some special occasions of the belt conveyor, an external motorized roller with a deceleration device inside the roller body and an electric motor outside the roller body has appeared between the separate drive and the electric roller drive form.

Compared with the separate driving device, the motorized roller has many advantages such as compact structure, high transmission efficiency, low noise, long service life, stable operation, reliable operation, good sealing, small space occupation, and convenient installation, etc., and is suitable for various Work under harsh environmental conditions. Including wet, muddy, dusty working environment.

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